• General day ticket - £10.00 (1 rod) per person
  • Wold Lake day ticket - £20.00 (2 rods) per person
  • Wold Lake 24 hour ticket - £40 (2 rods) per person
  • Night fishing and extended sessions available on the Wold Lake, conditions apply, We strongly advised you pre-booking before attending.
  • For Further Information, please contact Dax for details call on 07974 000230 between 8am to 7pm 7 days a week. (PLEASE CALL THE DAY BEFORE YOU WANT TO GO FISHING.)
  • Pellet - £2.00 per bag
  • Groundbait - £3.00 per bag

Fishery Facilities

  • Ample clean parking by lakes
  • Clean toilets
  • Keepnets & Landing nets (Supplied by fishery only)
  • Tuition available
  • Lake hire
  • Match bookings

Fishery Rules

  • Anglers must have a valid environment agency rod license.
  • Only bait to be used on Oaks, Islands & Moat lakes includes Maggot, Caster, Worm, Bread, Sweetcorn, Hemp & Tares, fishery-bought groundbait and Fishery-bought pellet.
  • Other bait restrictions include; only use pellet & ground bait purchased from the fishery.
  • NO meat baits allowed on any of the lakes
  • Wold lake Only- The use of boilies & your own fresh pellet is permitted
  • Wold lake Only - Braid can only be used as a hook length
  • Barbless hooks only on all lakes.
  • Fishery-provided nets only (does not include handles or banksticks).
  • No fires.
  • Take all litter home.
  • Do not move from one lake to another.
  • Only fish from allocated pegs.
  • Make sure all Fish emptied out of keep nets.
  • Only one rod to be used at anytime on Oaks/Moat/Island lakes.

All rules are in place in order to maintain a high quality of fishing and protect the fishery and its stocks.

Any problems call Dax on 07974 000230